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Welcome To Davel Entertainment,

DAVEL Entertainments' brand new showroom/office and rental apartments only 3 mins off the Sukhumvit road it is ideally located to service all of Chonburi and surrounding areas and just a hop to Bangkok itself.  One hour twenty minutes from the international airport.

Davel's experience in high tech lighting, architectural lighting, audio and visual innovations makes us the right choice  for the Asian region including China, Macao, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia  wide.

We are here to give you our best service any time of the day or night. Davel  offers architectural lighting with the latest green energy saving techniques,  Interior design, LED screen sales, LED screen advertising, Pro Audio Visual design and supply and more.

Specializing in Digital Audio, Visuals Effects & Lighting

DAVEL Entertainment is an integrated boutique pro audio/visual design house that also supplies the best quality pro audio and visual components at the most affordable prices that money can buy servicing a variety of client types.

DAVEL works on a whole range of projects and sizes, including; restaurants, bars, lounge, outdoor venues, terraces, areas of noise pollution, areas that need more or less light right through to nightclubs and super clubs.

How to control the environment, whether that be light, sound or even aroma?

Just imagine that you enter a club and it smells like a beach or a pine forest or of a signature aroma you have come to know.

Lighting can be adjusted to highlight architecture and is easily adjustable. Lighting can be brighter in the early evening and fade over the night while still highlighting areas of importance and safety. As clients enter, the sound is seamless. We focus on what we call invisible sound. DAVEL sound boxes (speakers) are heard and not seen.

These are just some of the things we can do for your venue at DAVEL Entertainment. Our components can be branded with your icon and color-coded to match your venue.

DAVEL is about integrating digital, audio, visual, effects and lighting to create a sexy audio and lighting experience throughout your venue to retain customers with automation abilities over the evening.

Our company structure is flexible and agile. We are able to provide a high level of direct service and reduce your costs through our long term relationships with manufacturers.

You save on the cost of components by not paying for big brand names while still being provided with the highest quality equipment available in the world.

Please keep coming back as this site is under development and there is a lot more information, videos of our work and entertainment being added regularly.

The crew at DAVEL has a proven track record that now extends over 20 years.

Our Previous Projects


Check out one of the coolest  possible club installations. We have invented the worlds first mechanical spider that hangs from its led Madrix web.  The Davel spider will be complete with laser, intelligent moving head lighting, led p4 screen arm shields, co2 effects, smoke and led pixel spots.  We have commenced the build and hope…
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DAVEL created the ultra lounge for the 1Above team. This simulation presentation transforms from a resto bar into a high energy Ultra lounge / Club.  The key features of this venue is the double led pixel grid and the ability to be able to have the star effect ceiling or cooler graphic shapes.  The kinetic…
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The five star hotel venue requires the more elegant and stream line effect, in this simulation we create the wow factor with a kinetic (a moving rig) led p4 screen ring, led moving head mini beams and a giant fan style Madrix effect led pixel ceiling.   The venue also has a ultra high definition…
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Trilogy Club Mumbai featured the largest kinetic installation in India with over 400 kinetic hoist led balls custom 3D led screen DJ box built to elevate up to the VIP floor. It special design also has custom led screen shapes that is mapped to play any content on each panel.   Additional effects include Co2,…
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The Playboy Super Club Mumbai has amazing ceiling height which gave us the opportunity to create the UFO trolley system and the square truss  tilting chandelier. The UFO rig features 3 individual rings that separate and show so many visual effects.   The tilting chanderler is our personal favourite as it moves back to the DJ…
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We are DAVEL your world of entertainment based here in Thailand

Plan, design, supply, install, program, service Bars, Clubs, Pubs and Super nightclubs for 20 Years and more.