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DAVEL offers a wide range of professional services from Lighting and Audio Engineering to coming up with great concepts for bars restaurants & nightclubs

Here is an example of services we provided for the Trilogy nightclub Build and installation.

Trilogy Mumbai – It’s all in the making

What we do:

  • Concept meetings –  More than 4 venue meetings and face to face.
  • Pre-proposal idea presentations with images and movie clips
  • Site drawing review for issues from the pre-concept design
  • Design appointment –  Submission of final design – paid design
  • Simulations for final approval
  • Final meeting with full equipment list and costings
  • Second review of all costings and services allocated.
  • Acceptance of the contract with full design – Electrical & Control wiring diagrams, Mounting for structural installation diagrams
  • Supply of all equipment branded SONICSSS with full specifications and images, Videos and more.
  • Shipping and forwarder documentation for all clearance and duties
  • Structural & engineering review for kinetic lighting installation and moving LED DJ BOX
  • Site review – pre installation meetings
  • Safety and Security meetings for on site equipments.
  • Installation of kinetic motors
  • Wiring of all power and control to kinetic motors
  • Testing – failure repairs
  • Install LED DJ Box on elevator platform
  • Install LED shapes on the back framed wall
  • Engineering supervision – to ensure safety standards
  • Installing Moving heads, laser bars and special FX
  • Programing MADRIX control for Kinetic Lighting Balls
  • Programing MA lighting for Co2 Moving heads, bar and decorative lighting
  • Henry Schmidt Custom content for all mapped LED screens
  • Editing content to suit the image of the venue
  • Additional Local driven content from VJ Nirav studios
  • Testing and troubleshooting
  • Training local staff for servicing and operation
  • Final pre opening sequencing for shows and functions
  • Grand opening supervision and assistance
  • Final tweak and supply of additional wanted programming.
  • Set Up warranty and PMC for service and repairs
  • Job Complete


Time taken from inception to completion  6 months. Now you see the DAVEL steps we take to make a large scale successful brand venue.

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